Qazi reveals seven projects that show-case PTI corruption in KP

Asif Luqman Qazi , Political Advisor to Ameer JI Sirajul Haq, has demanded that Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan should initiate an inquiry against seven show cases of corruption in current Khyber Pukhtunkhwa government.

These seven departments and projects are heavily damaged by corruption, mismanagement and nepotism on part of chief minister Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Pervaiz Khattak. These Include BRT Peshawar project that had caused billions of rupees of losses to the exchequer in the province due to loopholes in design. These frequent changes in design have given opportunities to contractors, who are cronies of party leadership; to exploit funds from the project.

The second show case of corruption is PEDO where one party leader’s interference has compelled management to hire hundreds of officers who draw huge salaries and perks. This has resulted in compromising department’s performance and financial strength. Third show case of corruption in province is three billion tree tsunami project that had become notorious due to false claims and exaggeration on part of their party leadership. Hundreds of party activists were given opportunity to make money or of fake billings.

Even officers of forest department in the province are witness to this. Fourth show case of corruption, nepotism and mismanagement is KP EZMDC, a company established to develop special economic zones for industrialisation in the province.

Hundreds of relatives of PTI leadership were hired at heavy salaries but performance of this department so far is a big zero. Party favourites draw more than 500 million rupees in safeties alone other than perks. The fifth show case of corruption is the 34 billion rupee flood retaining wall along the Kabul river. No quantitative audit of this project can be conducted as a large part of stones are simply dumped into the river by a ring of chief minister’s near and dear ones who were miraculously successful in securing bids.

Sixth show case of corruption is the mining and minerals department of tiger province whose minister himself came before media to disclose nepotism and corruption of the chief minister. Seventh show case of corruption are three contracts awarded by construction and works department in chief minister’s home district Nowshehra. Chief minister appointed his nephew Zarak Khattak as EXEN C&W in Nowshehra district and most of finds were siphoned to roads under his stewardship.

Asif Luqman Qazi appealed to Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to establish an inquiry into these seven show cases of corruption and nepotism in provincial governments as it has damaged valuable projects to the province and has kept people in deprivation while only a few families have minted money.

The Provincial Accountability Commission is unable to take action against sitting Chief Minister. Provincial Accountability Commission had been working without a head for most of the last five years. Last head of Provincial Accountability Commission resigned after leveling serious allegations against the Chief Minister Parvaiz Khattak.

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