Film industry Delegate Meeting with Governor Sindh

A delegation of Film Producers Association comprising of Chairman Syed Noor, Chairman Distributors Association Mohammad Ijaz Kamran and Chairman IMGC Group Sheikh Amjad Rashid met with Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair last week at the Governor House.

The Chair of delegation director Syed Noor appreciated the gesture of federal government and patronage of Honorable Governor Sindh to hold Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF), however, he also pointed out that the whole film industry of Pakistan was not truly represented in festival as the major players in the industry like Evernew Group, Eveready Group, IMGC Group, and HKC group with contribution of over 80% of movies produced and released in Pakistan were not taken on board.

He further said, “It shows discrimination particularly to Punjab where offices of recognized producers association and distributors association established 63 years ago.

He emphasized that most of the senior technicians, artists, and producers were from Lahore with viable contribution in the growth of film industry after partition while most of the artists and technicians working currently in Sindh belongs to Punjab.

Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Kamran pointed out the delay in implementation of film policy for the welfare of artists and technicians, announced in film convention this year. He said the policy was restricted up to announcement and no practical step had been taken so far.


Amjad Rashid, who has released around 290 movies with investment of around Rs.280 million in Pakistani movies under his company IMGC, emphasized the desired role of federal government for the promotion of film business in China.

He said, “India has successfully launched and earned substantial foreign exchange with the release of movies DANGAL, SECRET SUPERSTAR, BAJI RAO MASTANI and even a mediocre movie like HINDHI MEDIUM (which has crossed business of $ 23.82 million) but no Pakistani movie has been released there so far”.

He further said that breakthrough of Pakistani movies in China was only possible with government support as most of the film policies and offices are controlled by the public sector in China.

He also told revealed in the meeting that during the visit of Indian Prime Minister to China, a delegate of film makers from private sector was also included among other representatives of country, and a MOU was signed between two countries on releasing each other’s films was signed in presence of Indian prime Minister.

“But in spite of most cordial and brotherly relations with China, no higher dignitaries’ of our country has included any film related delegate on their visits to Chine to discuss imports/exports of Chinese and Pakistani movies and co-production between the countries.

Incentives on international releases of Pakistani movies and tax xemption for producers and distributors were points, also highlighted in the meeting. .

Honorable Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair accepted the reservations expressed by the delegate and assured that the federal government treats all the provinces alike and would have appreciated the participation of film industry from Punjab in PIFF.

He also promised the delegate to take up proposal of release and co-production of Pakistan- China. Other subjects discussed were also assured for his support and patronage.

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