Ghughi: A story of Revenge, Love and Ego

Adnan Siddiqui’s Ghughi has become the talk of telly town these days.

The story ‘Ghughi’ is about all the women, who were and still are destroyed in the wars, the conflicts and the catastrophe over the years, as women have been the target of the worst atrocities whether they have been dishonoured as the spoils of war or ravaged to the avenge.

Ghughi 2

Set in the back drop of Partition of Sub Continent, Ghughi also raises a curtain from the agonies and pain, the people of that time went through and that also included the cruel exploitation and the abuse of women. But at the same time, story unfolds the emotions of passionate love and vicious enmity shaped against the violent upheaval of partition.


Based on Amrita Pritam’s novel Pinjar, Ghughi is written by Amna Mufti and directed by Iqbal Hussain. Serial stars Adnan Siddiqui, Amar Khan, Rashid Mehmood, Farah Tufail, Raheela Agha, Asma Abbas, Mohsin Gillani and many more.

Ghughi introduced the fresher Amar Khan is lead role, who proved to be the excellent addition to our
entertainment industry through her talent and dedication.

Watch Ghughi, every Thursday at 8:00 PM on TvOne.

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