Musharraf ‘pleased’ to see PSP, MQM-P unify

KARACHI: Former president Pervez Musharraf Wednesday said he is “pleased” to see Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) and Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) unify.

The statement came shortly after the MQM-P and PSP formally announced regrouping with “one name, one symbol and one manifesto”, a year after the two political factions announced complete disassociation from their former leadership based in London.

“We will contest the upcoming elections under one name and symbol,” MQM-P head Farooq Sattar said at the press conference in Karachi, sitting alongside PSP chief Mustafa Kamal.

In his video message, the former president said he does not see MQM having a future and a new force should surface and come to the fore.

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پرویزمشرف کا اہم ترین ویڈیو پیغام مجھے بہت خوشی ہے کے مہاجروں کا آج اتحاد ہوا ہے مجھے ایم کیو ایم سے نہیں مہاجروں سے محبّت ہے میری سوچ پاکستانیت ہے @P_Musharraf

“Mohajir community should come close,” he said, urging for mobilisation in rural Sindh, so that they may form the government defeating Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

Musharraf said his sympathy is for Mohajirs, not the MQM for the party has defamed itself all over Pakistan.

“Mohajir community is in anguish due to the MQM,” he added.

Earlier, APML leader Mohammad Amjad also said if the MQM-P and PSP become part of their alliance, then Pervez Musharraf may assume the role of [their] leader.

“They (MQM and PSP) should change their respective names and form a new party,” Amjad suggested. “Everyone knows what compelled the two parties to unify today.”

“If they become part of our alliance, then Musharraf may assume role of [their] leader,” he said.

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