Catastrophe by Naegleria

Weather of Karachi city is different from other parts of the country. Usually it bears a long summer and it has lackness of rains. Due to this reason people use large amount of water to prevent their selves from scorcher weather. They enjoy in swimming pools, take bath regularly and perform ablution with water also.
But another threat knocks at the lives of the citizens in water. This is brain eating Naegleria. It is a microscopic amoeba, which is commonly found in warm fresh water and soil. It lives as cyst on the sediment of the bottom of fresh water like ponds, lakes etc.
The specie Naegleria fowleri infects humans and cause a fatal disease. It enters in human body through the nose. Usually it happens when people go for swimming or dive into fresh water lakes, pools and ponds. Infection of Naegleria may occur when contaminated water like inadequately chlorinated water or warm fresh water from other sources enters the nose.
Once the amoeba enters the brain it causes fatal infection. Symptoms appear in 2 to 15 days, after entering the amoeba in the body. Sign and symptoms of Naegleria infection may include
· A change in the sense of smell or taste
· Fever
· Severe headache
· Stiff neck
· Sensitivity to light
· Nausea and vomiting
· Loss of balance
After appearing symptoms death occurs in 3 to 7 days. Unfortunately the citizens of Karachi are deprived from clean water. Mostly they get polluted water and they are facing the threats of Ebola, Dengue, polio and Congo viruses also.
Although Governor Sindh has shown his concern about this issue, precious lives of the people are being taken by this amoeba day by day. Reports and experiments have proved that chlorine is not added in the water which is collected by different pumps. The citizens have high risk now. They must be aware from this danger and they should be careful.
In this situation people should stay away from public pools which do not have proper arrangements. As we know that chlorine is a best disinfectant, so we should use proper amount of chlorine in our water tanks.
Use boiled water in homes. While swimming prevent your nose from water and do not let water to enter in it. As July is the favorable month for moon soon rain and rain has poured down here too. So be careful while taking bath in rain because rain water provides breeding ground to this amoeba. It is heat loving organism, so everyone should avoid swimming in hot water springs or ponds.

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