“Panama Hangama” is at its peak and now, Joint Investigation Team set to present its final report before Supreme Court today. What are the final findings JIT has made in its report; are only known by its members.

However, the gestures shown by PML-N leadership in their speeches show that there is something unusual to be happened in coming few days. PML-N’s mainstream leadership is now openly in the field and criticizing JIT or even Supreme Court about assumed verdict or fingdings. The PML-N leaders Khawja Saad Rafique says they are ready to present their case before people. Such statements show that PML-N is thinking over to quit from the government before 2018 general elections.

I think PML-N government will prefer to go towards polls rather than fulfilling its promises made to people in 2013-elections and amongst them; the most important was to overcome energy crisis by the end of its term. The sitting government seems fail in promising its commitments and therefore, it will reshape its strategy to go towards pre-polls ; so that it could make realise the people that energy projects were near completion and electricity load shedding was about to end but their government was forced to end its term.

PML-N will try to win sympathy vote in 2018 General –Election, using slogan to end energy crisis over next five years.

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