“Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution. No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.”

– Francis Scott Key

In Pakistan, suicide ratio among girls is increasing day by day. Most often, they are mentally tortured of not getting married and then they use low standard venomous beauty and whitening creams, said Mussarat Misbah (the beautician) in a recent interview. She raised her voice while highlighting the various unsafe impacts of utilizing skin brightening creams at a conference held at the Karachi Press Club. The purpose was to make a move against the manufacturers of such products, which take account of high convergence of dangerous metals like mercury and its compounds as a toxicant in the creams. According to Mussarat Misbah, the toxicants like mercury compounds pass in into the skin and after some time its higher amassing in the body could harm heart and health of the embryo as well.

The natural sources of mercury incorporate volcanoes, metals and non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil. Anthropogenic is discharged when the mercury is being made and is usually contaminations in crude materials, especially coal and to some extent gas and oil. Moreover, the effects of mercury and its different compounds contains toxic effects to the nervous system, vision, muscle weakness and may be lethal sometimes.

As to talk about the remediation of mercury, it has some limitations by control measures. By and large, we separate between protection strategies, which means to immobilize Hg, cleanup techniques could be isolated into on location strategies, where polluted soil is uncovered and treated. Furthermore, it can be done in situ techniques, where the soil is dealt with by leaching into the ground. It is recommended to have a better comprehension of the issues. These unfavorable impacts should be tended at global platform, provincial and national levels keeping in mind the end goal to control the toxic impacts of mercury at any stage.

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