Another ignored Issue:Census in Pakistan

In Pakistan, many issues need to solve at state level. Load shading, water supply shortage, lack of medical facilities, unemployment, education system, and many more. Census is primary element to solve these problems and to make better policies for the benefits of people in Pakistan. Census means to count up the population of a country and officially to keep the records of people living in the country including minority and foreigners.
Development of any country based on calculation of populations. Developed countries including Australia and America, census conducts after every five years. It is necessary to know that how many people live in each province or district. Numbers of adults, numbers of infant, numbers of senior citizen is count in census procedure. It also includes that how many children are going to school, numbers of family members and their profession, literate people, unemployed, numbers of hospitals and schools are there. Just like a family example, mother prepares food according to numbers of family members or arrangement of a formal dinner by listing the numbers of guests.

According to the constitution of Pakistan, Census should be conducted after every ten years but unfortunately this time census is not done for the last eighteen years as it should be held in 2008. Last census was held in 1998. The first census was conducted after four years of independence in 1951 then in 1961, 1972, 1981 and 1998. Census 1972 was delayed one year due to Bangladesh libration war, it had to actually hold in 1971. This time government decided to hold census in March 2016 but again it has been ignored and failed to come in process. Pakistan economic planning is not getting improved without census because without knowing the exact numbers of people, how could proper policies make? Policies that need earlier attention of government like jobs for unemployment, education for poor children, support for homeless people.

Why government is hesitate to conduct a census in Pakistan? According to analyst, government will again have to make new strategies after census result. However, provincial government suggested to conducting census on provincial level including Sindh and KPK Chief Ministers because fund distribution according to population among all four provinces is based upon Census. Another reason of not doing census is fund needs to hold a census. An estimate of 14.5 billion rupees is required to conduct a census, from which half of the amount (around 7.4 billion) will present to Pakistan Army to provide the security of Census. Resources say that government give priority to Nadra database as a substitute of Census that’s why every year it is getting late. Present government is not only responsible for its delay but previous government is also failed to complete the process of Census. All political parties, government and opposition are not agree on a single point for Census. Their views are conflict with each other.

Supreme Court has also taken suo moto notice. The court annoyed on government for not given the exact date of Population Census and also indicates that Election 2018 will not be possible if census is not done before it because there could be a chance of rigging in voting.

It is always happens in Pakistan that current government only give priority to its own province from which he selected. Government should take interest and do immediate implement in such a serious issue like other projects because it is necessary to give equal facilities to each person of nation and when everyone facilitate by government according to policies, there will be a less chance of corruption and crimes in our country.

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